Our products and how our customers and partners use the pieces

KuuKreations offers a wide range of "pohaku" (rock-like) style wall art that are handmade throughtout their creation. We pride ourself on creating both standard and custom pieces many of which have come from ideas we have received from our friends, customers and partners.  Many of the pieces shown come in various sizes and most all are available in a number of different colors.


Small or large, your request for information or orders, either standard or custom, will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and and appreciation for all things Hawaiian and Polynesian. Contact us and discover all we have to offer.

Product List

Ku'u Kreations has developed over 70 products including traditional Hawaiian Petroglyh's as well as an excellent selection of Hawaai Themed Wall Art from which to choose.  In addition, we make custom multi-generations Honu Family trees that are specific to your family and family dynamics

We are working towards our customers and partners being able to fully order thru the website but for now, please continue to email for any orders or questions

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Ku'u Kreations
Hawaii & California

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Phone: +1 408 8599471

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  • Check out our updated show schedule for 2015
  • We have a number of new products including signs and larger pieces
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Upcoming Show's and Events

Made in Hawaii Annual Event

August 21st thru 23rd

Neal Blaisdale Center

Honolulu, Hawaii

Ia 'Oe E Ka La Hula Festival

Oct. 30th thru Nov. 1st

Pleasanton Fairgrounds 

Pleasanton, Calif.

Harvest Festival

November 27th, 28th & 29th

San Jose Convention Center 

San Jose, Calif.